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South India

"India is everything you've heard and nothing you can imagine."



featuring the finest of South india - Tamil Nadu and Kerala

"Mind, Body, Spirit: A Global Connection" with Carol Cumes and Mark Hennessy

The diversity of South India is breathtaking, throwing the senses into wild delight. Teeming with paradoxes, there is always something that comes along to astonish, surprise and delight. No one will leave India without being impressed, stimulated and filled with gratitude for this grand opportunity. Allow yourself to open the senses of your soul in ways you never thought possible. Our exceptional South Indian guide, has been selected because of his excellent English, in-depth knowledge, inspiration, stories, humor, spirituality and assistance to our guests. Mark and I have just returned from leading a wonderful group to South India, and we look forward to sharing this fabulous gift of a future Magical Journey with you." --Carol Cumes


"You will be looking back on this journey with great pleasure and excitement for many years to come..."

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