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Magical Journey to South Africa & Botswana March 2019

MARCH 07-22, 2019
"A World in One Country"
Often applied to South Africa's geography and scenery, this slogan equally applies to its people, societies, wilderness areas and wildlife. Discover South Africa as a global model on how "A World in One Country" harmoniously exists today.
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"We are just home from Africa. 
Of course, I can't let this opportunity go by without some reflection on South Africa, which is blazing a new direction in developing democracy. 
I came away believing that they have a lot to teach the world and they are becoming a Rainbow Country. 
They also have massive challenges. 
It was a trip of a lifetime. 
I am now sure everyone should go to Africa. Not only to see and ponder the animal life, which is extraordinary, but to understand what is happening there.
It is the future. 
Our visit to South Africa was amazing.
We had one unbelievable day after another."
~ John Dodson 
 Magical Journey Guest

Experience all five of those layers in a way that is unique in a single Journey, on the exclusive 2019 Magical Journey to South Africa and Botswana with Mark and Carol. 

"A World in One Country" ---- "A World in One Soul." 
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South Africa Cape Sunset

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Read about our fabulous Magical Journey to South Africa & Botswana March 7 - 22, 2019



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