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Magical Journey to Peru

Peru Journeys

Is Peru on your bucket list for 2019? If so, we invite you to consider joining one of our fabulous spiritual retreat adventures scheduled this year. Magical Journey’s Peru adventures are all based at the Willka T'ika Luxury Retreat Center, set in breathtaking gardens in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Willka T’ika’s gardens abound with Andean medicinal plants, brilliant flowers and organically grown vegetables, all featured in our gourmet, entirely vegetarian meals. Optional early morning meditation beneath the ancient Lucuma tree, yoga in one of the sunlit studios, solar-heated floral medicinal baths, healing massages and a crystal bed healing room await those attending one of our fully inclusive retreat packages.

Together with authentic Andean healers, spiritual sojourners to Peru will gather during 2019 to honor Pachamama and all living forces of Nature and to focus on blessings for all humankind. During our Magical Journey programs, we encourage participants to do their own personal healing work and invite guests to balance the material aspects of their lives together with the spiritual.

During each program, Carol invites participants on a special tour of the Seven Chakra Gardens at Willka T'ika, where she shares her knowledge of Andean wisdom and spirituality, and explains the energetic interaction of the plants with the human chakra system. In these highly energized gardens, the vibrations of Inkan healing plants, flowers and sacred Andean symbols touch the soul. Enjoy spending time in the gardens of your choice to enhance personal well- being and health. Our authentic qero invite a deep connection to Pachamama and the opportunity to experience Her love, power and wisdom.  


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