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Nepal with Optional Extensions to Tibet & Bhutan

Sacred Journey to Nepal

Follow the path of Hinduism and Experience the Roots of Buddhism in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini.

Born to a traditional Hindu-Nepali family, for this Journey to Nepal your guide would be a Buddhist scholar with Masters Degrees in Anthropology and Buddhist Studies from Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu, and has taught courses on Buddhism, and Tibetan and Himalayan culture at the University of Connecticut. He is a practicing Buddhist and teaches its meditation, philosophy and history. Past groups have loved every moment of this fabulous journey with Binaya, dubbing him “the laughing Buddha,” for his great sense of compassion and wonderful sense of humor. Through his lively storytelling and first-hand experience of growing up as the son of a Buddhist Rinpoche, he is most passionate in sharing his knowledge of Nepali history and his fascinating culture. 

October is an excellent month for individuals, couples and small groups of friends to travel in Nepal. This meticulously-planned dream program is perfect for those who love to explore exotic cities, temples, mountain cultures and authentic Hinduism and Buddhism. Two fabulous days are arranged for all-level hikers to enjoy the spectacular Annapurna Mountain range.

Journey to Lumbini—the birthplace of Buddha and visit the major highlights of Nepal, in one comfortable journey. Each day your guide will lead an optional Tibetan Buddhist meditation. 


Exclusive journeys to the Forbidden Himalayan Kingdoms

Extension dates are flexible. Please contact Magical Journey for more information.

Magical Journey has designed the following programs as exclusive extensions to Nepal; A journey to both or all three is a Symphony of Travel with complementary variations on a central theme: Forbidden Himalayan Kingdoms, each with a deep spiritual tradition playing its part in the modern world.

Spirit of the Tibetan Kingdom

Magical Journey is excited to offer an exclusive journey to Tibet, one of the highest regions on the Earth, where unimaginable blue skies and starry nights reflect on the stark, white mountain tops of the Himalayan peaks and clear turquoise blue lakes. Inspiring landscapes are accompanied by transcendental visits to the most famous and sacred temples of Tibet and the Buddhist religion. Step into living history in the oldest monastery, the Samye, and view the majestic Potala Palace, the ancient palace of the Dalai Lamas. Discover the dynamics between religion, culture and history in colorful Lhasa, literally “Place of the Gods,” and arrive at a profound understanding of why it is known as the forbidden city. As closure to your Tibetan adventure, visit a traditional Mentse-khang doctor and discover the magic of one of the world’s oldest medical traditions. 

Bhutan ~ The Dragon Kingdom

Magical Journey is delighted to invite you to Bhutan, the last of the Three Forbidden Kingdoms to open itself to the outside world. Bhutan is attempting to enter the world on its own terms to preserve its culture, values and spiritual traditions, while using the beneficial aspects of other cultures’ technology and systems. It is one of the most valuable social experiments taking place in the world today. Those who are fortunate enough to visit Bhutan soon become captivated by the land and its people. Every aspect of the country is woven into the Buddhist tradition and the land vibrates with prayer. In the Buddhist perspective, culture, tradition, religion, beliefs and the environment are dynamic phenomena that are interwoven tightly in the web of all life. You witness this unique interrelatedness of all living things as you travel through this beautiful land of unspoiled forest and mountains, cascading waterfalls and sparkling rushing rivers—a land of intelligent innocence, an island of mystical peace in a cynical and sceptical world.

"The trip was amazing and the guide made the trip successful. I so appreciate you finding the quality of people you do to lead the group. The group said the retreat exceeded their expectations. I knew it would be well done from doing business with Magical  Journey over the years. So I knew it would run smoothly."  Gloria Drayer 


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